The Small Business’ Guide to Online Reputation Management

It’s worth setting aside an hour or two each day to respond to customer’s comments. Highlight positive feedback, like it, and share it to get as much mileage out of it as possible—like this example from Simply Measured:

Addressing negative feedback

Did you know that 50% of customers[43] wouldn’t buy from you again if you don’t respond to a negative social media comment? If you address negative feedback the right way, it’s an opportunity to boost your reputation and even reinforce a positive perception of your brand.

Take Innocent, for example. They recently launched a new blue-coloured smoothie aptly called Bolt from the Blue. Problem is, most people thought it was more green than blue.

Innocent could’ve ignored the comments or become defensive. Instead, their interactions with customers who insisted it was green bolstered their reputation as a fun, playful brand.

Of course, arguing over whether a smoothie is green or blue is a relatively minor issue. But regardless of how serious a customer’s complaint is, you shouldn’t be afraid to deal with it head on.

Why? Because customers who are satisfied with how a complaint is resolved are more loyal. So much so, that according to a HubSpot study, they spend up to 6% more than customers who’ve never complained.

A good way to handle negative feedback is to:

  • Listen to what your customer has to say
  • Be helpful and, more importantly, be genuine. Canned responses will only aggravate an already angry customer.

Consider this response from British Airways:

By contrast, Skyscanner defused the situation, all while taking full ownership of the problem:

Apologise sincerely

When the United Airlines scandal hit the internet, CEO Oscar Munoz was quick to apologise. But his apology was widely criticised[44] for being canned and tone deaf.

He then committed the ultimate sin. In a note to staff that was subsequently leaked, he blamed the victim—a 69-year-old doctor who suffered a concussion, a broken nose and two broken teeth—saying he shouldn’t have “defied” security by refusing to deplane.

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