The Small Business’ Guide to Online Reputation Management

Some 64% of consumers[26] trust search engine results the most when researching a business. So, the more positive mentions of your brand come up in search results, the better for your reputation.

Ready for some shocking news? You shouldn’t focus all your energy on your own blog. Guest posting[27] on relevant industry websites can be just as powerful as blogging on your own site.

That’s because publishing guest posts puts you in front of a new and, potentially, much wider audience[28]. But, more to the point, if you target authoritative websites, your name will be given an extra ranking boost in the SERPs.

Take a look at the SERPs for my name, for example. Notice how many results on page one are my author profiles on sites like The Huffington Post, MarketingProfs and Business2Community:

You’ll get these author profile pages by contributing content to their website. And luckily, many high-quality websites accept submissions for guest posts. All you need to do is follow their submission guidelines, and submit a top-notch article that delivers value to their audience.

Browse around the internet and find the top blogs in your industry. For each, try one of the following search queries:

  • [blog name] guest post
  • [blog name] blogging guidelines
  • [blog name] guest posting guidelines

You’ll see a list of URLs you can scan to find the publication’s pitching guidelines:

Alternatively, you could also have a look at what your competitors are doing. Find their backlink profile using a tool like Moz’s Link Explorer[29], Monitor Backlinks[30], or Ahrefs[31], filter through the results, and check whether any of the backlinks are from industry blogs.

If they are, pitch them a guest post and get your author profile page!

4. Distribute a press release

Looking for another way to skyrocket your name in the SERPs? Distribute a press release to as many (relevant) media outlets. If you manage to secure coverage, you’ll get a name boost in the SERPs because established, high-authority sites are mentioning you.

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