The Small Business’ Guide to Online Reputation Management

Being able to get alerts whenever your brand is mentioned is a powerful tool.

Not only can you like, comment on, and share positive comments straight away, but you can get in front of negative feedback before it starts doing real damage.

2. Incorporate your brand name into your website’s SEO strategy

Chances are, when people look you up online, the first thing they’ll do is Google your business’ name. That’s why your website should rank at the top of the SERPs for this query—whether it’s your brand name.

Reaching the heights of Google page one takes time and consistent effort. That said, meta tags play an important role, because they make it easier for search engines to understand what a web page is about.

There are two parts to a page’s meta tag:

Meta title: Fewer than 55 characters; used as the title in Google search results

Meta description: Fewer than 165 characters; appears below the meta title to convince people to click through.

It’s important to include your name to your meta tags. Not only can it help Google rank your website higher for those name searches, but crafting persuasive meta tags can encourage people to click through to your owned website—rather than another (potentially housing a negative review.)

As Search Engine Watch[23] puts it:

“Search engines increasingly value a good user experience, and that includes making sure that your site satisfies a user’s query as best as it possibly can. Meta tags help with this by making sure that the information searchers need to know about your site is displayed upfront in a concise and useful fashion.”

If you use WordPress, you can easily add your business name to your web pages’ title tag and meta description using the free Yoast SEO[24] plugin. Simply scroll to the bottom of each URL in your page editor, and optimize the meta tags

3. Share your knowledge on other relevant, high authority websites

When it comes to boosting your online reputation through SEO[25], title tags and meta descriptions are only one piece of the puzzle.

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