Press Release Templates to Boost Your Content Marketing & PR

A well-written press release can be an efficient and effective way to boost your content marketing and public relations strategy. The problem is, many people don’t know how to write one.

The most important components of a successful press release are: (1) having a newsworthy event to promote; (2) using a quality press release template and distribution partner; and (3) following clear writing guidelines.

We can’t help you with the newsworthy event, but we can give you the press release templates and writing guidelines to use for greater success. In this article you’ll find:

  • 6 free press release templates for multiple situations
  • 9 guidelines for writing an excellent press release

To get the most from this guide, select one of the templates below and read the instructions. Then, follow our “9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release” in the last section.

6 Free Press Release Templates for Multiple Situations

Below you’ll find six free press release templates. Carefully review all the templates and choose the best for your situation. Please download and share these templates however you like!

1. General Press Release Template

Our “General Press Release” template is a Swiss Army knife solution that covers many scenarios. This press release ensures that you include everything the media and your key audiences want to see.

Follow these steps when completing this template, and all the other templates in this guide:

  1. Include your company’s specific logo.
  2. Fill in the brackets with your text or delete irrelevant bracketed sections.
  3. Fill in your headline and sub-headline.
  4. Be succinct, dynamic and engaging.
  5. Keep your press release between 1 and 2 pages in length.
  6. Adjust the formatting to make it “neat.”

Before you write your press release, carefully review the “9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release” (below).

Press release template for general news

[Click on the image to download]

2. Special Events and Celebrations Press Release Template

This template works for special events and community celebrations, especially those that are open to the public. Use this press release to announce:

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