Press Release: New research shows brands may be blind to 88% of mentions – VISUA

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Brands could access >1000% more brand monitoring intelligence by choosing a platform or agency that supports visual brand monitoring 

*VISUA provides its Visual-AI technology to renowned companies including Brandwatch, eBay, NAGRA Kudelski, MVP, and TVEyes

UK: New research from Visual-AI company, VISUA has revealed that brands who choose a platform or agency that only monitor text-based mentions of their brand name are missing 88% of valuable brand insights. For the study, VISUA analysed 1 million global tweets only to discover a significant gap in online brand monitoring when comparing text mentions to visual mentions. [1]

Due to the mass adoption and power of smartphones, there has been an increase in consumers capturing their world visually, with 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram each day, and video outperforming photos on Facebook by 73%. Yet many brands continue to choose platforms and agencies that do not have the capabilities to unlock the critical insights available to them in visual media, so they only see a fraction of the possible insights. [2][3]

VISUA delivers Visual-AI solutions that power the world’s leading protection, authentication and monitoring platforms, processing billions of pieces of media each month that helps brands gain insights that were simply not possible before.. To date, VISUA’s Visual-AI solutions have been integrated by many leading companies including Brandwatch, eBay, MVP and TVEyes allowing them to service the ever more complex needs of their brand customers. Visual-AI has become an imperative function for brands to use in the online monitoring of not only their own brand, but their competitors’ brands too. According to, 40 percent of brands are now looking to invest more in competitive intelligence as a means of gaining an edge over competitors.[4]

Without it, companies are missing the majority of mentions to their brand and therefore are missing vital signals that can expose key consumers’ needs and emerging trends. Through monitoring both text and visual online mentions, brands are able to get a comprehensive picture of their consumers. As VISUA’s research shows, brands could have access to 1046% more brand monitoring intelligence on average if choosing a platform that can provide visual brand monitoring in addition to text monitoring. 

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