Online Reputation Management

As I have discussed in previous blog posts, reputation management is crucial for the overall success of your marketing campaigns. If you think you can have an online presence and not also have a strategy for reputation management, you are mistaken. The two go hand-in-hand.

Reputation Management Today

There is a common misconception of what exactly reputation management[1] means in today’s marketing world. Some believe it is monitoring your online social media[2], others believe it is basic PR and yet many have no idea how it can truly affect your business and overall brand.

The majority of all business reputation[3] management today happens online. Most companies have some sort of online marketing presence and are increasing[4] it daily. Because of this, we as marketers have had to look at alternative ways to protect our name and brand. Today, reputation management is more than traditional PR.

It is all about using tools to monitor your online presence, social networks and online advertisements. It no longer requires old-school methods of launching press releases to explain or defend yourself.

Online Reputation Management: The Internet Never Forgets

Years ago it was common for bad press and negative reviews to get swept under the rug after a limited amount of time. This was due to the fact that most of the news was print and not published online. It is a lot easier to forget about an old newspaper clipping than it is to forget about the viral effect the internet has on a piece of news or content. The internet never forgets.

Marketers and PR companies alike need to be careful about how they market and protect their brand and image. Whether it is a response to an online post or an advertisement to launch a new product or service, company’s today need to realize that every move made online is tracked and can live forever. So next time you are sending a Tweet or posting a picture, remember your online presence has consequences for you and your company.

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