A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

The best strategy for dealing with typosquatting is to register as many possible mistyped variations of your web address and brand name as possible and redirect all those domains to your real web address. You can get ideas for mistyped domains using a tool like this.[25]

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Social media squatting

Social media squatting is becoming more of an issue than traditional typosquatting these days. This happens when a person sets up a fake profile on a social media site claiming to be a representative of your company. For example if you’re Nike they might register an account at twitter.com/nike and as it’s an official looking username many will assume this is the official Nike Twitter account. As social media usernames are usually allocated on a first come first serve basis and are free of charge it can be easy for squatters to move in on your brand name when a new social site is launched.

The best way to prevent this activity and protect your brand on social sites it to register as many profiles with your brand as the username as possible. A service called KnowEm[26] will register an account for you on most of the major social sites for a fee.

You should also be aware of social profile squatters occupying usernames of any high profile individuals within your organisation such as company spokespeople or CEO’s. This sort of activity often goes un-noticed until the squatter posts something malicious and it is attributed back to your organisation.


Phishing is where a criminal attempts to elicit personal details from your customers under the guise of communications, usually emails, which appear to come from your organisation. This practice I most rife in the banking sector as criminals try to get hold of valuable internet banking login details however any site which requires a login or customer data to be entered can have its customers become the victim of phishing scams.

The best approach to dealing with Phishing is by communicating with your customers how they can identify an official email from your organisation. For example

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