A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

Referring back to the Nike example we looked at earlier, although Nike have successfully dominated the first page of Google results with their multiple webpage’s the embedded Google news box on the results page returns a potentially damaging story.

Nike news reputation managment

When a negative news story breaks about your company it is likely this news will show up first in these news boxes. Controlling Google news results is difficult because the content is very dynamic so you’ll have to act fast, once a stories been published by a Google news publisher like a newspaper or news website it will start showing in Google news results almost instantly. The only way to suppress these news stories is to get some positive publicity published in Google news after the negative story, that way pushing the bad press down more quickly.

Online press release distribution sites like PRweb[16] and the Press Dispensary[17] can get your content published in Google news and you can pay a premium for a quick turnaround. You’ll need to keep a press release to hand or come up with something press release worthy pretty quickly! Make sure you include your company name in the headline of the release to ensure it gets displayed in the Google news embed box on Google search results for your company.

Image search results

In addition to news stories Google search result pages will often include a box of images from Google image search as shown in the results for coca cola below:

CocaCola Image Search and Brand

Because of the extra visual impact of images in search results, searchers will be drawn to the image results on a search page and if an image portrays your company in a negative light that is the image which is going to stick in the searchers mind. Which image in the following block catches your eye on a search for McDonalds?

MacDonalds reputation managment image search

It’s the nature of the internet that negative images will more often be clicked on and linked to between websites meaning negative images do have a habit of showing up near the top in Google image results.

In order to suppress these images you need to make sure that images on your own website and on any other blogs and pages you have on other sites are well optimised.

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