A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

wordpress.com[8] – allows you to register a blog at yourcompany.wordpress.com

blogger.com[9] – register a blog at yourcompany.blogspot.com

About us[10] – get a page at http://www.aboutus.org/yourcompany.com

Facebook[11] – get a Facebook page like facebook.com/yourcompany

MySpace[12] – just like Facebook your company can have a presence on MySpace at myspace.com/yourcompany

Twitter[13] – Google loves to rank Twitter pages like twitter.com/yourcompany

There’s literally hundreds more places like this you can setup profiles for your company and because these sites are large and well trusted by the search engines there’s a good chance they’ll start ranking for searches on your brand name. Once you’ve set these pages up link to them from your main website and anywhere else you can, this will help these pages to rise in Google results.

Sub domains

Sub domains are another powerful way to occupy more of the first page of Google results. While Google will usually only rank 2 pages from www.yourcompany.com[14] on the same page of results they will rank additional pages on a sub domain like http://blog.yourcompany.com[15]. Therefore hosting content across a number of sub domains is a useful way to close out other listings from Google results.

Promoting positive publicity

Chances are you’ll have your fair share of positive publicity and reviews as well as the occasional bit of negative press so identify where your strongest online endorsements are located and link to them from your website, blog and anywhere else you can add links. Maybe you’ve got mentions in a news or media site or a blogger has given you a positive review. Often over time these stories will get buried in the sites news archives and eventually they can stop showing in Google search results. By linking to these pages you’ll help Google to see that those pages are still there and that they’re still relevant, as such they’ll be more likely to rank these pages for searches on your brand name.

Google news

In the past managing your brands reputation in search results was relatively easy as the search engines would only show results from normal webpage’s. Using the techniques explained in the previous section promoting your own pages in order to suppress negative publicity is relatively easy. Nowadays however Google will return results from other places besides web pages in its search results. Google news is one example of this.

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