A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

Raven Tools[5] is a paid suite of tools which are designed for managing SEO and social media campaigns. Their brand monitoring tool integrates a system called ‘social mention’ which offers useful way of tracking the ‘sentiment’ of mentions of your brand name online. The search tool will identify all the mentions of your brand and you can then visit each site and decide whether the sentiment of the post is positive, negative and neutral. This allows you to conduct regular reporting on whether the sentiment of conversations about your brand is getting better or worse over time.

Raven Internet marketing tools screenshot
Brand watch

A premium tool designed for large organisations with very sensitive brands, Brand Watch[6] provides an automated version of the sentiment analysis which is conducted manually with a system like Raven Tools.

Brandwatch brand monitoring

The first battlefield: Search engine results pages

Although you probably rank in the first position for searches of your own brand name in Google and other search engines you may have less control of the results which come up in positions 2-10 for searches on your brand terms.

Typically Google will only return 1 or 2 pages from the same website for any particular search term so if you’re Nestle, nestle.co.uk will come up number 1 and 2 for searches on ‘Nestle’ but the rest of the results on the first page will come from other sites.

Even Google themselves are effected by this with archived news stories showing in results on a Google search for the brand name ‘Google’.

Google reputation management screenshot

While you can never fully control what pages Google shows in its results you can work to influence them. The simplest way to suppress negative publicity in Google search results is to run content across a number of different websites. Take for example a search for ‘nike’[7] in Google.

Nike reputation managment screenshot from Google

8 out of 10 results on the first page are owned by different divisions of Nike who use different domains and sub domains:

·      nike.com

·      store.nike.com

·      nikeplus.com

·      nikestore.com

·      nikebiz.com

·      nikevision.com

For large businesses, running a number of sites and interlinking between them is a great start to protecting your brand in Google but for smaller businesses the expense of running several websites may outweigh the benefits. There are however plenty of places where you can establish pages or sub domains on other websites with minimum time or expense involved. Here are a few examples:

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